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Youth Protection Lawyer Montreal

Youth Protection Law

The Director of Youth Protection (DYP) is the provincial organization in Quebec that gets involved if a child’s safety or development is in danger. For example, the DYP will intervene in a home if a child is being sexually or physically abused or if a child has been abandoned or neglected. The law defines situations where the DYP has the power to intervene.

Once someone makes a flag to the DYP, they will dispatch a social worker to visit the family and investigate the environment. If the flag is retained, the DYP will prepare an Application to declare that the safety of a child is compromised and will make recommendations to the court to rectify the situation. The court will then make certain orders based on those recommendations.

Youth court and the involvement of the Director of Youth Protection in your family is difficult, to say the least. We represent both mothers and fathers at the Court of Quebec to represent you and defend your rights and those of your children.