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Eric Kirshner

Me Eric Kirshner is a partner at Spunt & Carin. He is a father, husband, lawyer, legend… He was called to the bar in 1993 and never looked back. He is regarded as a titan among his colleagues both at Spunt & Carin and among fellow attorneys across the province. Specializing in family, matrimonial and civil litigation, as well as many estate matters, Me Kirshner has brought immense insight and development to the legal field. With thirty (30) years of experience, he has represented thousands of clients and developed relationships with hundreds of attorneys and judges. He has plead before the Court of Quebec, the Superior Court of Quebec, and the Quebec Court of Appeal. Through his efforts, Me Kirshner’s accomplishments and successes have resulted in the establishment of several noteworthy precedents within Quebec’s legal landscape. These precedents are expected to have a lasting impact on areas such as compensatory allowances, spousal support, asset protection, professional liability, and seizure before judgement.

Eric Kirshner

Me Kirshner grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where he attended Concordia University in 1989 and obtained a Bachelor of Arts. Subsequently, Me Kirshner embarked on his legal journey, obtaining his law degree from the University of Laval in 1992 and attended the École du Barreau soon thereafter. Starting from his days in Law School, Me Kirshner held a firm conviction against pursuing a path in what’s often termed as “big law.” Instead, he sought a more personal connection with his future clients and a work environment that fostered greater closeness. During his Stage du Barreau, he gained experience under the guidance of three different attorneys, and interestingly, practiced much less family law than other domains.

To accomplish his long-term objectives, Me Kirshner opted to start his own practice and establish his standing in his own right. Due to his warm personality and honest advice, his first clients were neighbors or family friends who came to him with separation/custody issues or tenant/landlord disputes. It was during this period that Me Kirshner’s affinity for family law flourished; his unwavering dedication to his work became evident in every endeavor he undertook. Consequently, his reputation grew and clients flocked to his office, further developing his family law brilliance.  

Following his establishment as a notable figure in the realm of family law, Me Kirshner remained resolute in his convictions, steadfastly declining numerous invitations to join prominent corporate law firms across Montreal.

Me Kirshner also completed a certificate in collaborative law and puts this to practice as he supports and promotes amicable divorce settlements between couples. He prioritizes settling disputes and avoiding having to go to court, always with the best interests of the client and their children at heart. He has a near perfect record of settling disputes amicably when it is appropriate, utilizing the many resources available to Quebec family law attorneys.

Me Kirshner joined the Spunt & Carin team in 2022 where he currently applies his expertise to every one of his clients. Me Kirshner works hard to ensure his clients’ needs are met as he provides them with the best possible solution for their file. He is a leader and mentor to the team by sharing his valuable knowledge and advice. He works closely with Sigal Shukhmeister, his paralegal and assistant, who reports that Eric is a pleasure to work with and aims to make the process as smooth as possible for all his clients. Me Kirshner says he would not be able to get the job done effectively without Sigal’s valuable work.


  • Graduate of Université Laval, Faculty of Law (LL.B.), 1992
  • Graduate of Concordia University (B.A.), 1989
  • Member of the Quebec Bar since 1993