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Family Mediation Lawyers in Montreal

How Does The Mediation Lawyer Work

The mediation coaching service that we offer is when our client’s are in the process of mediation with their spouse or ex-spouse and they retain our services to coach them through the process. They attend the sessions alone with the medication and the other party and they consult with us throughout.

Therefore we advise them along the way, whether or the negotiation or certain talking points are in their interest, how it would compare to the potential outcome if the file would be litigated. Once a mediation agreement is reached, we will review that as well before it is signed. After the mediation agreement some mediators draft the consent to judgment (this is the document that would be homologated by the court – which would then be binding on the parties) and in some cases we draft the consent based on the mediation agreement that was reached.

If the mediator drafts the consent we will review it as well, and suggest any modifications or changes if deemed necessary. We also then ensure that all the appropriate proceedings have drafted, served and filed as needed. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on how we can help you and make the process smoother and to ensure that your rights are protected.