September 25, 2023 | Other

Smashing Success: Our Thrilling Team-Bonding Experience

On August 30, 2023, the Spunt & Carin team decided to shake things up and try something completely different for our team-bonding event. Our choice? A Rage Room and Archery Experience!

A Rage Room is a unique recreational facility where you can go alone or in a group and smash, shatter, and demolish different objects. Known as the ultimate stress-relief therapy, participants  armed with an array of tools and protective gear to safely vent any frustrations and have a smashing good time.

Our Team’s Adventure

As we entered the Sports de Combats venue, we were greeted by friendly staff members who explained the rules, handed out safety gear including helmets and gloves, and explained the rules of the games. Beginning with a friendly archery battle, the Spunt & Carin family was divided into two teams who fought for the champion title.

Once our archery experience ended, we were then divided into smaller groups of three to four and shown the way to the rage rooms. Staff members gave us the safety information and showed us the variety of items we could choose to annihilate: fom old computer monitors to glass bottles and even a dilapidated commercial printer, the possibilities for destruction were endless.

Once we were geared up and briefed, we chose our playlist it was time to unleash any pent-up stress and frustration. The initial jitters soon gave way to exhilaration as we swung bats and crowbars, releasing a torrent of emotions that had built up during long days at the office.

Through shared laughter and some healthy competition, we left the venue feeling more relaxed and connected. The night ended with a lovely dinner at Pamika – Wine Room, located on Laurier Avenue.

The Aftermath

By the end of our Rage Room adventure, we were all sweaty, but our spirits were soaring. We’d not only obliterated old electronics and glassware but also demolished any walls that might have been separating us at work. It was a bonding experience unlike any other, and we left with a profound sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

If you’re looking for a thrilling and unconventional team-bonding experience that will leave your team energized and closer than ever, consider a Rage Room outing. It’s a fantastic way to let off steam, strengthen team dynamics, and create lasting memories that you’ll all cherish.