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Divorce vs. Annulment
Divorce vs. Annulment
Have you ever wondered what was the difference between a divorce and an annulment of marriage? We’ve all heard of a Hollywood annulment from getting married drunk in Las Vegas.
Contempt Of Court: Interfering With Justice
Contempt Of Court: Interfering With Justice
In the context of family law, contempt proceedings take place when someone refuses to comply with a judgement or any court order. When a judgment is rendered, it becomes enforceable, therefore, disobeying or ignoring a judgment without reason can result in civil and criminal consequences.
The Future Generation of Spunt & Carin
The Future Generation of Spunt & Carin
The team of Spunt & Carin has never been bigger. We are proud that a good ratio of our team are law students and articling students. We are heavily invested in our students in terms of mentorship, exposure to our different files, and working alongside our lawyers.
Think before you click
Think Before You Click
Exercise caution when employing emojis in text-based communications related to contractual matters. A recent ruling by a judge in Saskatchewan serves as a poignant example that the seemingly innocuous "thumbs-up" emoji holds weight as a legitimate means of expressing acceptance.
Prenups in Quebec
Prenups In Quebec
We heard of it in movies, social media and from long-distance family gossip. But what exactly are prenups and are they applicable in Quebec?
Wills And Estates: Considerations For Indigenous Communities
Wills And Estates: Considerations For Indigenous Communities
In Indigenous communities, it is beneficial to have a will to manage your property after you pass away and to simplify matters for your family members. For Indigenous people who live in an Indigenous community, the rules that apply are those from the Indian Act.
How To Appeal A Decision Rendered By Youth Court
How To Appeal A Decision Rendered By Youth Court
An appeal is a proceeding in which a judge’s decision is challenged by one of the parties when they believe there has been an error in the judgment.
Make a Will and Avoid Chaos
Make A Will And Avoid Chaos
The death of a loved one is difficult to deal with to say the least. This situation can become quite complicated if the deceased died without a will.
What is a Will/Testament?
What Is A Will/Testament?
A will (also known as a testament) is a document which expresses a person’s wishes as to how their property is to be distributed after their death.
new office
ANNOUNCEMENT: We Moved Up! Suite 600
Our team is excited and proud to welcome our clients and colleagues to our new and bigger office located on the 6th floor of 345 Victoria in Westmount. It counts twenty private offices and two conference rooms to better serve our clients.
Happy Pride Month.
Pride: How to be a Better Ally
The term stands for 2 spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer but is evidently not restricted to individuals who identify as such, hence the addition sign at the end of the term. The community also includes intersex, pansexual, asexual, non-binary individuals as well as others.
Common causes of divorce around the world.
Common causes of divorce around the world
Divorce is a life altering event that can be challenging to comprehend. There are many misconceptions and ideologies surrounding the reasons that lead people to end their marriages.
Am I eligible for free legal aid.
Am I eligible for free legal aid?
Eligibility for free legal aid is determined based on eligibility scales. Your income, assets and liquidity are all taken into account for calculation purposes.
A New Family Law Precedent.
A New Family Law Precedent:  $25,000 Awarded Neglected Women In The System
In a very unfortunate case, a young Inuit woman endured 10 years of neglect in an unaccredited foster family that she was placed in. Within her foster home, she was subject to a lot of violence and substance abuse.
Recognizing a Foreign Judgment.
Recognizing a Foreign Judgment
Recognizing a foreign judgment in Quebec has certain requirements and the process is complex. Specifically in family law cases, the way the issues are handled can vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction.
Family Law Reform
Family Law Reform
New Measure Allowing a Parent to Request Physical or Psychological Health Services for Their Child Without The Other Parent’s Consent in Situations of Domestic Violence, Spousal abuse or Sexual Abuse.
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