March 8, 2021 | Equity and Advocacy

Happy International Women’s Day

We still need a day and we certainly deserve a day! Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is a day to celebrate all women and men that came before us to give women a voice and presence in all aspects of our world. It is also a day to celebrate each other and everything we have accomplished.

Since I started my undergraduate degree, I have dedicated my life to helping those without a voice find theirs and assist with their hardship. After I completed my undergrad degree in cultural studies and visual arts, I applied to law school as it seemed like the most effective way for me to continue my trajectory to use my voice to help others. After many years of university and after being admitted to both the Quebec and Ontario Bar associations, I naturally ended up starting my practice in family law. Family law was the area of law where I was able to help women, men, children, grandparents, on a daily basis, one-by-one. I spent the first few years of my practice learning from the best in the practice in Montreal and Toronto.

In addition to my passion to help and find resolution, I have always naturally gravitated to the role of leader and mentor. After I had my first son Henry, my drive to accelerate my career in family law was even stronger and it was not long before I went off as a solo practitioner and founded Sheri M. Spunt, Avocate. Not long after that, I added an “s” and changed the firm name to Sheri M. Spunt, Avocats as new lawyers joined my practice. As the firm has grown, it has been important to continue to build a brand that reflects my core values, the way I practice and the service that we offer our clients. When my peers in other areas of law ask “how we do what we do”, the answer is simple: we are given the opportunity to help clients that are at their most vulnerable and take them through the process. Our clients leave our office in a better place and onto the next chapter of their lives.

One year ago, right before the COVID-19 lockdown in Montreal, my husband (Me Carin), who has also been practicing family law for his whole career, joined the firm. We worked our way through this unprecedented year helping our clients who have faced even more challenging situations and heightened family conflict as a result of the pandemic. Despite the hardships, we continued to grow and have trained outstanding lawyers who share the same passion and goals.

Last week was an incredible milestone in my career that I am excited to share – we opened a new office and changed the name of the firm to Spunt & Carin. The office was renovated from the concrete floor up in order to have the perfect safe space for our lawyers and clients. I painted all the artwork for the firm, personalizing a special piece for every lawyer’s office, and meaningful pieces for the common spaces. Through the years Me Carin supported me when others told me I was crazy for going off on my own. He supported me and empowered me to continue on when we had our second son Spencer, and I took a shorter maternity leave to continue to build my career. He supported me again when we had our third son, Greyson. As for that maternity leave, well, there wasn’t one! With three boys I have been gifted with the responsibility of raising three good men.

Our children have been raised in a home where they know both their parents work very hard. They are proud to say that we help people and recently Henry said that we are “making the world a better place”. We certainly try!

All of this to say, dreams do come true. With hard work, supportive people around you, drive and a dream, you can have it all. AND yes, you can have a family and a career! I am not saying it is easy, nothing is easy, but it is attainable.

I am very proud of the Spunt & Carin team we built and continue to build; our beautiful new office I had the pleasure to decorate in order to make it a warm and inviting atmosphere; and our children who we are raising to understand that the sky is the limit!

5 ways to achieve your goals:

  1. Surround yourself with people who support your dreams.
  2. Even when the list is never ending, do one thing at a time with everything you’ve got.
  3. Don’t give up even when it’s hard.
  4. Balance work with other things you love (for me that is painting, it is a creative outlet).
  5. And breathe – there I can use more work.

Happy International Women’s Day – we need to keep dreaming and reaching. xo