August 3, 2023 | Your Firm

The Future Generation of Spunt & Carin

The team of Spunt & Carin has never been bigger. We are proud that a good ratio of our team are law students and articling students. We are heavily invested in our students in terms of mentorship, exposure to our different files, and working alongside our lawyers.

What are law and articling students?

Law students are in the process of completing their law degree or have completed it and are about to write the bar. A bar exam is a written examination administered by the province or state’s bar association. The exam is designed to assess whether an individual has the skills and legal knowledge necessary to practice law in that jurisdiction. Articling students have successfully passed their bar exams and must complete a 6-month internship under a lawyer’s supervision to become a lawyer themselves.

What are the tasks for students?

At Spunt & Carin, students are entirely part of the team. They shadow and help on cases from the first consultation through to the trial. During a client’s meeting, the student will tag along with a lawyer to take notes on the specifics of the situation and learn from the lawyer’s communication style and expertise on handling legal questions. When a client mandates the firm to represent them, students can be called to help to draft proceedings, sworn statements, letters, to communicate with clients, and to do research on precedents or legislation to further the case.

Articling students work on files with the lawyers of the firm and become more independent over time as they gain experience.

Moreover, students participate in writing blog posts, just like I am doing right now! Doing so allows for creativity and helps to get more familiar with a specific legal topic while covering questions that clients might have in a concise way.

Why would I want a student to work on my file?

It is cost effective for you while it gives students the opportunity to learn and be exposed to a variety of family law situations. The students gain extensive knowledge and skills through law school, however practice is when and where you can really develop the necessary skill set and reflexes. Having another set of eyes and ears is a bonus. This allows us to be more accessible to a wider demographic as it allows us to work with more clients, yet still benefit from our expertise, keeping costs lower and years of expertise. Everyone needs to start somewhere! By having a student work on your file, you participate in the creation and development of future lawyers.

How are the students liking it so far?

“The experience I have gained at Spunt & Carin is priceless and extends beyond the scope of traditional academic learning.” – Liana, law student.

“My experience at Spunt & Carin has exceeded my expectations. The learning curve is steep, and I am grateful to be surrounded by highly skilled and efficient lawyers as mentors.” – Nadia, law student.

“I am passionately devoted to our firm, where every day is an extraordinary journey of learning and growth.” – Stephanos, law student.

“Being an Articling Student at Spunt & Carin has been the best opportunity and decision in my life. The learning curve has been exponential, and the experience is incredible. I am thrilled to be working with experienced lawyers who are passionate about their profession.” – Valentina, articling student.