April 22, 2020 | COVID-19

COVID-19: impact on temporary resident applications (workers, students and visitors)


An Applicant normally has 30 days from the time they receive the biometrics instruction letter to give biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) . However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Biometrics collection centres in Canada and abroad are temporarily closed. This closure has resulted in the cancelation of appointments, which has left clients frustrated and concerned about the 30-day delay. 

Despite the delay this will cause to the processing of applications, Applicants should not worry as their application will not be refused or closed if they cannot submit their biometrics due to the fact that centres are closed.  

The IRCC automatically extended the delay from 30 to 90 days of the reception of the instruction letter to submit your biometrics. Therefore, Applicants do not need to contact the IRCC to request an extension or a new instruction letter. Applicants can use their previous instruction letter (even after the 30-day delay has expired) to schedule an appointment to submit their biometrics as soon as the collection service reopens. 

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Applicants will also have a total of 90 days to complete the medical exam, an additional 60 days to what is normally a 30-day delay. It is advised that the Applicant should complete the medical exam as soon as they are able to, however, no applications will be closed or refused if the Applicant is unable to complete it before the deadline.


If a person is applying for a work permit or a study permit from outside Canada during Covid-19, the application must be submitted online. In order to do so, the Applicant must create an account online or retain a lawyer with access to the Authorized Representative Portal. We are happy to assist with any and/or all stages of the process.

Once the Application is approved, the Applicant will be allowed to enter Canada, save and except from the travel restrictions imposed by Canada.

It is important to note for Temporary Foreign Workers that if they have an employer specific work permit, they should verify with the employer if the job is still available before traveling to Canada. If so, the Temporary Foreign Worker should quarantine for 14 days upon his/her arrival to Canada even if he/she does not present symptoms and should follow all other directives and advisories in place in Canada.