May 28, 2021 | Divorce

Coping Tips for Divorce or Separation

Going through a divorce or separation is not easy and can take a toll on your mental health. At times, it may feel impossible to get through the day. Many people tend to forget to take care of themselves during this process and struggle navigating through a wide range of emotions: anger, sadness, fear, helplessness, loneliness, etc. Although coping with all this stress may seem daunting, it is imperative to understand the impacts that divorce can have on your mental health. That being said, here are some tools to help get through it!

  1. Mindfulness and meditation:

Be mindful! But what does that mean? Mindfulness refers to a mental state achieved by focusing your awareness in the present moment, while acknowledging and accepting your feelings and thoughts. Practicing mindfulness can be very effective when coping with  your divorce or separation because it allows you to find inner peace to focus on the present moment and to let go of negative energy associated with the past. Mindfulness is about letting yourself feel what you’re feeling and then not holding onto it. This involves avoiding fixating on everything that went wrong and wondering what could have been. It is a great way to achieve a sense of groundedness during significant changes in your life. Mindfulness often goes hand in hand with meditation, because it is a practical way to achieve this mental state. The great thing about meditation is that it isn’t time consuming and can be done anywhere. This ritual promotes clarity, mental control and relaxation, which will be helpful to better cope with the stress of a divorce or separation.

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  1. Be good to your body:

Take care of your physical health! Whenever possible, set aside the time to get in a quick workout or a walk because it will help alleviate stress, increase your energy levels and boost your mood. Not to mention, it can also help you feel more confident about yourself. Eating healthily and caring for your body will allow you to sleep better, which will in turn allow you to make decisions with a clear mind.

  1. Make time for the things you love:

Whether it is reading a good book, taking a bath or eating your favorite meal, don’t forget to find the time for the things that feed your soul. Once you engage in these activities, you will find yourself in better spirits and in a better mental state to tackle everything else going on. It is important not to forget to enjoy life.

  1. Comic relief:

Start with taking a deep breathe! Most importantly, make sure to find a minute to laugh. Surround yourself with people that make you happy. It is important not to isolate yourself during this time and to maintain friendships. It is okay to lean on others for support and be vulnerable. You should not feel like a burden, the people closest to you will want to be there for you because they want to see you thrive. Although you might find yourself wanting to shut yourself off from the world, you will notice that once you socialize with friends and plan activities, you will have a more positive outlook on life and feel less stressed.