June 6, 2023 | Divorce

Common causes of divorce around the world

Divorce is a life altering event that can be challenging to comprehend. There are many misconceptions and ideologies surrounding the reasons that lead people to end their marriages. In reality, the reasons for marital dissolution are as complex as the human relationships they affect.

Dennis R Vetrano, a prominent American divorce lawyer from New York, recently gained viral attention when he shared his insights on the number one cause of divorce in his practice. The attorney went viral on TikTok when he revealed that women’s fatigue is a common theme he noticed. In his opinion, it is the leading cause of divorce in the United States. This video is getting a lot of attention with many women commenting on his post with their personal stories, revealing the truth behind his statement. According to a 2016 study conducted by the University of Michigan, husbands contribute approximately seven extra hours of household chores per week to their wives’ responsibilities. The overwhelming burden of these additional tasks often contributes to women’s fatigue, which could lead to divorce.

In Canada, a Bank of Montreal poll conducted in 2014 revealed that money issues rank as the primary cause of relationship breakdowns leading to divorce or separation. Disagreements when it comes to financial goals, spendings and savings can cause a lot of stress and place significant strain on a marriage.

In France, infidelity stands out as the leading cause of divorce and separation, according to a study conducted by law firms L&A and JPT. The emotional betrayal and breach of trust resulting from extramarital affairs are often very hard to look past and cause couples to end their marriage.

In the United Kingdom, unreasonable behavior ranks as the number one reason for divorce. Unreasonable behavior refers to a spouse’s actions that make it intolerable for their partner to continue living with them. This broad category encompasses a range of different issues such as abuse, substance problems or even neglect.

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