July 12, 2023 | Your Firm

ANNOUNCEMENT: We Moved Up! Suite 600

Our team is excited and proud to welcome our clients and colleagues to our new and bigger office located on the 6th floor of 345 Victoria in Westmount. It counts twenty private offices and two conference rooms to better serve our clients. The best part is… we now have two fridges instead of one, to avoid discord on fridge real estate. We also have a state-of-the-art coffee machine we look forward to you trying!

After a few late nights and a long weekend later, our employees gathered on Monday morning and this July 3rd, with breakfast and champagne, to celebrate our success and this incredible new journey.

This expansion also calls for more talented people to fill up the office space. With thirteen experienced lawyers along with their excellent paralegals and administration team, we are lucky to also welcome a cohort of motivated and ambitious law students and articling students to join the Spunt & Carin family. The strong foundation and stability of our firm allows us to take the next generation of lawyers under our wings and teach them the importance of our practice while maintaining a good personal and work life balance. We deeply care about our clients. It is also a priority for us to take care of our team so they can take care of you!

Founded in 2017 by Me Sheri Spunt, the firm was initially home-based and a one-woman show. As more lawyers joined her, and with the great addition of Me Alexander Carin as her partner, our first office opened its door in March 2021 in Westmount. Already then, the large amount of light entering the rooms gave a great sight to the many colorful paintings specifically made for each lawyer by the talented Me Spunt. Today, we get to add even more artwork, plants, and colorful accessories to the new bright office. Our goal is to create an environment that reflects light, hope, and support during these difficult and emotional moments of our clients’ lives.

Thank you for trusting us as your legal counsel as we couldn’t do it without the trust of our dear clients and the team effort of our employees.