January 25, 2023 | Other

2 Houses App

Navigating co-parenting after divorce is undoubtedly stressful and complicated. Fortunately, there are some apps to help the situation and facilitate shared parenting. While the idea of using an app for co-parenting may or may not be within your comfort zone, there are several reasons why it can be incredibly beneficial.

Every co-parenting situation is different and oftentimes there is tension involved. When co-parents are in disagreement, their children end up lacking the security and stability that they need. However, the same applies even if the co-parenting situation is more civil. Children should not have to worry about where they are sleeping or how they are getting to their doctor’s appointment. Therefore, having an app designed to help post-divorce families will make your children’s lives easier.

The 2Houses app helps divorced parents manage a parenting schedule as well as daily or any necessary communication. The co-parent calendar feature provides a shared schedule that both parents can add to and edit. It is a great organizational tool because all information with respect to the children can be stored on the app. The app allows the co-parents to upload photos and notes so that all medical and school-related information, for example, can be found in one place. 2Houses also helps co-parents manage their expenses and keeps a log of everything.

Additionally, the app offers a service called 2Houses Journal. This feature allows you to feel closer to your children when they are with the other parent. You can share photos, videos, and news about your children while having the app make the communication feel more comfortable.

2Houses also has a messaging feature that allows co-parents to keep track of all their communication with each other, the children, and with a mediator. Most importantly, no conversations on the app can be deleted.

Another advantage of 2Houses is that you only need one account for the whole family. Therefore, pricing is per family not per parent, making it a more affordable option than similar apps.

Staying organized and communicating while co-parenting after divorce is essential for your children’s well-being and the 2Houses app is a great way to do so. It will most probably also make your life after divorce much easier, whether or not you and your ex spouse get along. The better your communication, the better it is for your children, even if it is just an appearance. Your children should not be burden by their parents dysfunctional communication. Do it for your children, they will thank you one day!