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Pepsi, Where’s My Jet
Pepsi, Where’s My Jet
The Netflix documentary “Pepsi, Where’s my Jet” is based on Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc., a landmark 1999 court case in the United States. The case involved a claim by John Leonard who sued PepsiCo.
Legal Fees and Provisions
Legal Fees And Provisions For Cost
There are many factors to consider if you are trying to choose a lawyer to work with. Cost is undoubtedly a very important part of this decision. The cost of a lawyer is comprised of judicial costs and extrajudicial costs.
Filiation And Sexual Assault
Filiation And Sexual Assault
Family law in Quebec has recently undergone several changes with respect to gender identity. The family law reform is now beginning to address the topic of filiation and sexual assault.
How to prepare for court during litigation
How To Prepare For Court
Courtroom etiquette is an unfamiliar concept to most. However, there are rules that guide what is considered to be acceptable behaviour during litigation.
Black History Month Recommendation
Literature To Celebrate Black History Month
Black History Month is celebrated in the month of February across North America since 1976. It is an opportunity for the Black community to celebrate and commemorate their ethnicity, representation, and history while inviting other cultures to recognize their presence and influence throughout known history.
Parental pressure - spunt
Parental Pressure
Despite as parents that you may think that you have your children's best interest at heart and want them to succeed, oftentimes that may come with too much pressure on their children.
What are my options for shared parenting
What Are My Options For Shared Parenting
When you are contemplating divorce, separation and then when it is actually time to take the next step, when children are involved the biggest question and concern is what about the kids? How will this work. 
How To Choose The Right Lawyer For You
How To Choose The Right Lawyer For You
Legal proceedings can seem daunting for most, unless you are already familiar with the law, which is why people often choose to be represented by a lawyer, even if it is not always required.
2Houses App Article
2 Houses App
Navigating co-parenting after divorce is undoubtedly stressful and complicated. Fortunately, there are some apps to help the situation and facilitate shared parenting.
Mechanics of the Justice System
Mechanics Of The Justice System
Article 23 of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms states that “Every person has a right to a full and equal, public and fair hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, for the determination of his rights and obligations or of the merits of any charge brought against him”.
Empty Nesters - spunt
Empty Nesters
Welcoming a child to the world redefines the relationship between a couple in all its aspects, whether emotionally, physically, or financially, at tiem the entire relationship altogether.
Parental Alienation: When One Parent Turns Your Child Against You
We often remind our clients going through divorce with children that even after divorce they will remain co-parents forever.
The Partition Of The Partnership Of Acquests– Fiscal Considerations
The Partition Of The Partnership Of Acquests
In the context of divorce proceedings, attorneys have a duty to properly advise their clients on all the consequences of the breakdown of their marriage, including the partition of their matrimonial property.
What happens to RRSPs during a divorce?
What Happens To RRSPs During A Divorce
A registered retirement savings plan (hereinafter referred to as “RRSP”) is a type of financial account in Canada for holding savings and investment assets. RRSPs have various tax advantages compared to investing outside of tax-preferred accounts.
Religious Divorce and Judaism - Spunt & Carin
Religious Divorce and Judaism
While legal proceedings are always required for a civil divorce judgement to be rendered throughout the world, in some religions a religious divorce is also required for spouses to re-marry within their faith. For instance, in Judaism, for a spouse to re-marry.
Marriage vs. Civil Union
Marriage vs. Civil Union
There are several legal consequences to getting married. That being said, living together for several years does not have any of the legal consequences of marriage. The notion of common-law partners in Quebec does not exist, except for the purpose of filing your income taxes jointly if you are living under the same roof.